Why I started blogging

I woke up one day and decided to just go ahead and do it. Writing is not really my strong point, so starting a blog was a big step for me.

I started blogging because it became my only way of having a voice in this world that is now social media. To be able to talk about various things without having to keep it all down in a journal. Blogging is my way of reaching out, not because I feel like I have something important to tell the world, but because I don’t want to feel invisible anymore.

I started blogging because I also wanted to push myself to write more and read more. Blogging gives me a chance to express myself in written words without having to deal with the fear of public speaking. I get to talk about basic things like how my day went in hopes that there might be someone out there that finds interest in these things.

I started blogging because I saw the internet as my new online world. As my way of connecting and building relationships with people that I never thought would ever even find me. I started blogging because I fell in love with the world of blogging.

xo, Eleanor ♥


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