Update: Scheduling My Posts

Yikes!! I’ve decided to start scheduling my posts.

For a while now on the blog, I’ve been posting only when it feels comfortable for me and I’ve absolutely been dreading it. Some days I peek on the blog only to realize I’ve barely written much in weeks and it honeslty makes me feel extremely unproductive.

So I decided to start scheduling my posts. Doing it this way actually allows me to stay consistent as well as productive which I truly believe is what I need at this moment. And I honestly want to start pouring out a ton of helpful content for you guys across all categories on the blog.

From now on, I will be posting 4 times a week. In addition, I will also be uploading weekly on my youtube channel as well as the podcast,.. Hopefully, those would be great for additional content on days I don’t post on the blog.

I haven’t really decided what category of posts I would be publishing on set days, but I definitley want to be consistent with uploading recipe posts every saturday. That way, I have more time during the week to prepare since recipes take LOTS OF TIME to create.

I hope this helps you guys stay updated with posts, and I do apologize for the lack of content lately.

Till next time,

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