How To Find Your Purpose In Life + Free Checklist To Get Started

One popular question people always ask me is “How do I find my purpose?”. And often times when I hear that question, my first response is always “What are you passionate about?” 

But knowing that such response hasn’t been remotely helpful over the past few years, I decided to sit down and really answer that question again.

First off, your purpose isn’t something to be found. In fact, quite a lot of people are walking in their purpose, they just don’t realize it yet.

And I think it has a lot to do with the fact that society has put a grandiose view of what purpose is that everyone feels like they need to go find it.

But the truth is, your purpose is simply a desire in your heart that you need to step out and implement. And if you don’t, well..your life is just going to suck.

And it’s sad that quite a lot of people are blocking out that desire because they feel that purpose is something to be found, meanwhile it’s something that already exists within them. They just aren’t aware of it yet to give it more attention.

Honestly speaking, your purpose has been mapped out for you since the day you were born. It’s been wrapped up in you since childhood, and carried itself into your adulthood. But because most times the school system programs us to stay chasing after some fancy dream, it becomes easy to neglect that purpose that already lives within us.

In other to know your purpose, you simply need to pay more attention to yourself again. And often times, this requires reflecting back to your childhood days and awakening your childlike faith.

So think of the things you did as a child before society started getting in the way. If you do that, you might just begin to see little pieces of your purpose that you barely paid atttention.

In addition, I would suggest you call up a friend, prefarably someone you’ve known from your childhood, and ask them to tell you a few things about yourself.

Because most times others are able to help us become aware of what already exists. Especially if we aren’t paying much attention to it.

Also, your purpose isn’t just to accomplish one thing. In fact, every day brings a purpose that we all fulfil subconsciously. Each day you wake up, there’s usually a desire in your heart to accomplish something for that day. And it’s up to you to decide how to act on that desire.

I truly believe that if we continuously neglect the everyday desires that stirs up our childlike faith, we would continuously keep asking the question “what do I do with my life”, because we aren’t feeding what’s really starving in our hearts.

So it’s important you don’t block that desire by chasing after a fancy dream that society has placed in your heart.

When I was a kid, I used to love writing. I wasn’t necessarily good at it (I’m still not).. but I always enjoyed putting my thoughts down on paper. One time at age 7, I wrote a romantic story in an old notebook that my parents had. The story contained some sexually explicit content and my older siblings ended up reporting me to my parents. I got in a lot of trouble. So from that day on, I did all my writing in secret. And I definitely made sure to hide the books when I was done.

Surpringly, I’m a blogger now and it’s the best job I could ever ask for.

How to find your purpose

I also used to love cooking as a kid and I still vividly remember my dad buying me a toy cookware set for my birthday. I cherished that gift so much that I would literally cut plants from our backyard and try cooking it. At that time, I didn’t think I would have a section of my blog dedicated to cooking and all my favorite recipes, but look where I’m at.

So you see what I mean by childlike faith? All the things I do now, I did as a kid. I didn’t have the resources back then, but I used what was available for me to dream.

So stir up your childlike faith again. I promise, you’d start to see small details about yourself that you haven’t really been paying much attention to.

With that being said, you should definitely check out this checklist I created to help you find your purpose by discovering more about yourself and unlocking your childlike faith again. It’s FREE

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