Hello World, I’m Invisible

I had a blog for a few months called Lanor Diaries which some of you may know and some not know. It was the beginning of my blogging journey and I wanted it to be all about my life adventures. Turns out like most new bloggers, I was in desperate need for a niche that I could easily follow along with. I went from blogging about things that I had absolutely no idea about to things that actually somewhat interested me…and to summarize it all, it was horrendous.

To add to it all, my next problem was my domain. I created a domain name that had no relevance to what I was blogging about, and because it had a “.org” in its URL, a lot of people thought I was some sort of non-profit organization. The summary of the story is, if you are new to blogging, I suggest the “.com” domain, so you don’t have  to go through what I went through.

You’re probably wondering if I changed my domain name or redid my old site, but the short answer to your thoughts is; my old site is lost somewhere on the web and I am completely unable to access it. I spent money on a Hosting company that did nothing but rip off my bank account, so when I finally got my blog in a complete mess trying to change my domain name, I knew God was telling me to start all over.

I did not bother trying to get a backup for my blog, instead, I decided to build a new one up from scratch. It was a pain in the butt, but trust me, this time I did more research on better hosting companies.

Now the next question is; Where do I go from here?

With this new blog, I am trying to be more of myself and not a completely different person sitting in front of a computer and sharing junk stuff on the internet. I want to blog about things I like and also things I probably don’t like as well. It would be more of a lifestyle blog that also incorporates a few things I have interest in like Beauty and Chit-chat advice talks.

I am definitely not a Chiara Ferragni at the moment but basically another random girl on the internet nobody has ever heard of. So yeah, I am invisible but I truly hope that you find me one day and maybe we could become bestfriends with time. So for now, cheers to a brand new start.

Oh wait .. There’s more.. 

Just to add more to this post.. Today, I decided to go out with my close friend Kirula and take pictures while out in the beautiful summer weather. After a long while of trying to get the perfect shot with my average DSLR camera, we stopped by at Rice Blvd and I had the most amazing Bento-box meal. We chit chatted about a lot of things, some of which included what I currently intend to do with my new blog.

IMG 2981 1440x960 - Hello World, I'm InvisibleIMG 2995 - Hello World, I'm InvisibleIMG 2993 - Hello World, I'm InvisibleIMG 2969 - Hello World, I'm InvisibleIMG 2970 1440x960 - Hello World, I'm Invisible

As of now, I do not have a steady awesome laptop so I am basically making do with what I have (which is a regular 2 in 1 tablet that runs reallyyy slowww) to upload more blog posts in the future. Hopefully with time, I would have saved enough money to upgrade to something better and continue this journey of blogging.

Till next time..

xo, Eleanor.

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