2 years Blogging: Redefining My Brand + Giveaway

A couple of days ago, I talked about not having it all figured out. And I made that post because for the past 2 years I kept testing out the waters.

I initially started out with food posts, then switched to writing about beauty. But eventually, I stopped because I noticed that I was becoming too obsessed with makeup which was an actual problem. So I decided to give up on it for a short while.

I eventually got saved and started writing about my faith. And that in itself made me redo my entire blog again.

Anyway, with that being said, I do want to redefine my brand and sort of allow you guys know where this blog is going. And what you can expect from now on.

I think my dad passing was sort of a wake-up call for me to really start getting my life together. Because I’ve been slacking a lot in so many areas of my life but I now feel more motivated to act.

So…What you can expect.

Beauty posts: Yup! I’m bringing beauty posts back because I actually missed it so much. My obsession is much under control now and I can finally go to Sephora without feeling the urge to buy the entire store.

Tonz of Advice posts: This is going to be the dominant part of my blog. Because I love giving people advice and offering wisdom. So expect to see all kinds of posts in this category.

Business posts: I would be talking about things related to business. Such as starting a blog, SEO, and all the extra stuff that has helped me along the way.

Life posts: I’m not too open about my life on the blog and I’m leaving it that way. But I will still share some life experiences with you guys on the blog.

Food posts: This is pretty obvious already. I love cooking and I’ll still keep sharing my recipes with you guys.

I will be doing a random giveaway for a selected reader, so do look out for that if you are on my subscription list.

Till next time,

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