Verity Review By Colleen Hoover

I’ve read several Colleen Hoover books, but OMG, Verity gave me the chills.

It kept me hooked the entire time reading it, and there was never a moment I felt the need to put it down.

I felt all the emotions while reading and was left utterly dumbfounded after I finished.

Verity will leave you thrilled, speechless, angry, confused, and contemplating. Colleen Hoover did a fantastic job with this book.

By the way, Verity is her first thriller genre. And for me this was also my first time reading a thriller genre. But, I must say, this book has inspired me to read more thriller books.

It may sound stupid to admit this, but after reading this book, I told my husband to turn on a thriller movie because I suddenly felt the need to feel spooked again (for a good reason). I was so high on Verity that I didn’t want the thrill of the book to be over.

For anyone who has not read this book, I have just one word for you to describe this masterpiece–remarkable!

The plot. The characters. The writing. Every darn thing was so darn good!

And the ending? You will never see it coming.

It will creep up on you and make you question your entire reading session.

10/10 will Recommend it.

Verity review by colleen hoover

I know everyone, and their mom makes “it ends with us” seem like the best Colleen Hoover book out there, but I tell you, Verity beats it hands down!

If you’re wondering what Verity is all about, it is simply a story of a writer who found herself entwined in another writer’s business. And by “business,” I mean career, husband, kids, life, everything.

It is romance mixed with suspense mixed with thriller.

I promise you; you will fall in love with Verity. So please purchase it, let’s read together, and discuss it in the comments.


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