It Starts With Us Book Review By Colleen Hoover

So Colleen Hoover recently came out with her newest book, it starts with us, which happens to be a sequel to her recent New York Times bestselling book, it ends with us

Like many others, I pre-ordered this book when she announced she was releasing a sequel because I just so happened to like the character development of the prequel. It was an enthralling read that left me speechless at specific points in the book. Plus, it brought me out of a reading slump. So, when Colleen mentioned she was coming out with a sequel, I knew I had to get my hands on it quickly. 

Before reading it starts with us, I anticipated having the same experience and feel I received from it ends with us. But unfortunately, this did not live up to the hype I expected. If anything, I was bored out of my mind. 

Although the writing was beautiful (because Colleen does a fantastic job at character development), it doesn’t change the fact that the storyline felt a bit forced. There were many repetitions from the prequel, and the Ellen letters that I was sick of found their way back to this book and had me furious. 

I liked Atlas from it ends with us, but in this sequel, I found him to be somewhat annoying. I mean, come on, did he really have to write a letter to Lily to express his POV when she’s literally sitting 2 inches away from him??? If anything, he could just FaceTime her and explain himself. But needing to write a letter for every darn thing was just flat-out annoying. Plus, why are we still reading Lily’s journals? Shouldn’t that be something of the past? 

Little things like that got me so annoyed with this book that I contemplated putting it down. I almost did not finish this book because the writing seemed forced. 

It starts with us book review

If I hadn’t read Verity, Ugly love, Reminders of him, or several other Colleen Hoover books before this, I would have never picked up her books again. This book should have been a bonus chapter, not an actual sequel. 

I will mention that the author discussed not wanting to write a sequel but only chose to because of BookTok. And to that, I say, screw BookTok. If any of her books need a sequel, it should be Verity. But, of course, this is just my opinion. 

Overall, I rated it three stars because I did not enjoy it.


If you’ve read it starts with us, let’s discuss it in the comments below. Did you think Colleen needed to come out with a sequel? If so, I would love to know your thoughts. 

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