Top 10 warm toned eyeshadow palettes you need

This post has been a long awaited one and I’m actually very excited to be typing it because as some of you may know, my obsession for warm toned eyeshadow palettes is on another level.

I was scanning through my makeup collection the other day and was surprised at how many warm toned palettes I had stacked up in just the past year. What was even crazy about it all was that I did not have a single cool tone palette to my name. I basically had either a combination of both or just warm only.

I have no dislike towards cool tone palettes. However, my major problem with a lot of them is usually the color range. I always find it very difficult to work with cool tones when applying makeup.

Given that my undertone is pretty warm, cool tones tend to make me look very dull and sick. I’ve also noticed that if I apply more than a certain quantity of product on my lids, my makeup tends to look very flawed.

So as a warm toned lover, I want to introduce you guys to a few of my favorite warm toned eyeshadow palettes. You may probably know a few of it by now if you keep up with my blog posts on a regular. But for those of you who are new here and are looking for a warm palette, I’ve compiled a list of some of my go-to products that would be of total help to you when choosing a warm palette.

  • Morphe 35o2:

warm toned eyeshadow palette morphe 2302

I wrote a review on this product a couple months back and believe me when I tell you that this product is amazing. I always reach for it every time I do my makeup, and I can never seem to put it down. It’s affordable, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth with all the color ranges it comes with. I prefer this 35O2 to the Morphe 35O because the colors are a lot warmer than the regular 35O. However, if you don’t really mind the warmth, you could still pick up the 35O and create amazing looks with it.

SHOP: Morphe 35O2

  • Colourpop Yes Please palette:

warm toned eyeshadow palette Colorpop yes please palette

This palette would literally be your travel size baby palette. It is cheap, portable, pigmented and just frigging amazing. I wish the pan sizes were a lot bigger, but the price point and quality is the bomb dot com. I literally hit pan in a couple months on one particular shade and just recently repurchased another one. It soo good, you seriously can’t go wrong picking this baby up. Check out my review here

SHOP: Colourpop Yes Please palette

  • Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette:

warm toned eyeshadow palette Anastasia modern renaissance

I actually got this palette and used it a couple times until I couldn’t use it any longer. One thing I love about this palette is the buildable pigment. Usually, I like to start small and build up pigment, and this palette is just great for that. I used it a ton during the fall and really loved it. One thing however that I didn’t like about it was the fact that I was limited in terms of shade range. As someone of a darker skin tone, the first few shades did not fully show up on my complexion the way I wanted,.. but overall, I loved the quality and pigment of the other shades. If you like simplicity in your looks and need something warm, I would definitely suggest you get this palette.

SHOP: Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

  • Violet Voss x Nicole Concilio:

warm toned eyeshadow palette violet voss

This palette is great. First time seeing the shades, I knew I needed it in my collection. I tend to reach for this palette when I’m on the go and need a very simple orangy look. I really love how well the shades work together to create beautiful looks. The shimmery shades are beautiful when used with Mac fix plus, and I definitely think it would be a great travel size palette for anyone on the go.

SHOP: Violet Voss X Nicole Concilio 

  • Natasha Denona Sunset Palette:

warm toned eyeshadow palette Natasha denona

If you’ve got the money to spend on a higher end brand, then get this palette. I got it as a present and I try to minimize how often I use it, as I don’t want to hit pan too soon. It is an expensive palette, but the shades are so creamy and blend flawlessly. There’s just something about the formula of this palette that makes it stand out. If you don’t have the money to splurge on this, a good dupe would be the colourpop yes please palette (mentioned above). The formulas are not identical, but if you’re concerned about color selection, both contain very similar shades.

SHOP: Natasha Denona Sunset Palette

Warm toned eyeshadow palettes

  •  Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette:

I can’t seem to find any flaw with this palette because it basically has all the colors I would need in any warm toned eyeshadow palette. The color ranges, pigment, blendability, formula, and size is just perfect. It also has a shimmery golden shade which is very pigmented and applies on flawlessly. I do wish this palette had one more shimmery shade, but I can’t complain too much about it since the golden shade works very well with other colors in the palette. It is also affordable, so you don’t have to worry too much about breaking the bank.

SHOP: Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette

  • Dose of colors Sassy Siennas palette:

warm toned eyeshadow palette dose of color

This palette doesn’t come with a ton of color ranges, but it does have shades that work well together to create specific looks. If you like to stick to the same everyday makeup look, then this is the palette for you. However, if you are creative and like to try out different looks on a daily, then this palette might not fulfill those needs. You still can come up with a few amazing looks with this palette (if you get creative enough). However, due to the limiting number of shades, you may struggle a bit.

SHOP: Dose of color sassy siennas

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette:

warm toned eyeshadow palette ABH

When this palette came out, the beauty world was shook!! I can’t tell you enough how amazing this palette is. You just have to try it to see why it is such an amazing palette. This is definitely one of ABH’s best release, so you can’t go wrong having this in your collection. The formula is phenomenal, and the shades are so creamy and pigmented. This was my favorite palette for a while, and I used it for the longest.

SHOP: Modern Renaissance palette

  • Tarte Tartelette Toasted palette:

warm toned eyeshadow palette tarte

If you’re looking for warm browns, then this is the palette for you. I only reach for this palette when I feel the need to create a warm neutral look, and it always comes thru!! It also has warm brown shimmer shades that just work well with the other matte shades in the palette. This is a great fall eyeshadow palette to have during the season. This is definitely a must-have if you love warm neutrals.

SHOP: Tarte Tartelette palette

  • Viseart Eyeshadow palette:

warm toned eyeshadow palette vise art palette

I had never heard of this palette or this brand for the longest, until my recent shopping. I stumbled upon it and have fallen in love ever since. The color ranges are quite similar with the Tarte palette, however, this only comes with matte shades. It’s a high quality and highly pigmented palette that blends like a dream. If you’re willing to spend the extra money on a warm neutral palette and want high quality for your bucks, then this palette is what you need.

SHOP: Viseart Eyeshadow palette


 What are some other warm toned eyeshadow palettes that you recommend, let me know in the comments,

Till next time,

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