5 Best Quality Affordable Makeup Brush sets on Amazon


Yup!.. that’s the quickest way to draw the attention of any makeup lover. And when you throw in the word “cheap” or “affordable” then you’ve basically won our hearts.

I am the #1 shopper of makeup brushes. Don’t believe me? Just ask anyone (lol just kidding). But seriously, I basically spend hours every day on various beauty sites stacking up my brush collection…


Because 1.) I’m very quick to get bored with the ones I currently own. And 2.) Regular washing isn’t something I intend to do on a consistent basis (#lazyAF).

For most, purchasing makeup brushes may seem like a hassle, because sometimes one never really knows how well those bristles can hold after the first wash.

And even the expensive brushes that promise zero fall-outs still fail miserably.

For me, however, buying brushes has never really been a problem. I never seem to ever get stuck in that situation of constantly changing brushes due to fall-outs, simply because I stick to cheaper quality brushes. That way, if things don’t go the way I expect, I won’t feel too salty over my purchase.

So if you’re just like me, or are someone looking to find cheaper quality brushes without having to break the bank. Don’t worry, I GATCHU!

I’ve used and tested almost all the brushes currently for sale on Amazon, and I can promise you that Amazon HAS IT ALL!! No need to spend 50 bucks on a Bobbi Brown brush when you can get a whole set for less than half the price.

I’ve used and tested all features of these brushes in terms of fall outs, breakages, performance, sturdiness, texture and portability. And girl… you can’t even be salty at the price range for what it offers.

On a quick note, however, do keep in mind that brushes last long based on how well you take good care of it. In other words, you could purchase a good quality brush and still have it fall apart due to bad usage.

So here are some quality makeup brush sets you can get on Amazon right now to get your blending game on a 100:

This is a synthetic brush and is perfect for starters to studio makeup artists. A friend recommended this to me after having a hard time dealing with fallouts from my old Bobbi Brown brush set, and I never looked back.

The quality of this brush is amazing and the 15 pcs comes with pretty much everything you would need for a full face makeup application.

amazon makeup brushe

The BS-mall makeup brush set was literally the very first set I ever used and purchased from Amazon, and till today, I haven’t had any issues whatsoever with it. I even tend to reach out for these a lot more than my other high-end brushes simply because of its fluffiness and sturdiness. This set has been part of my beauty favourites for a while and I still can’t let go.

And the best part of it?… It’s so stinking cheap!!

One thing however that I noticed from my first time opening it was the smell of fresh paint. However, that faded away pretty quickly and didn’t affect the overall quality of the brush. I mean, for the price, you definitely won’t even be thinking of the scent.

I’ve washed it a couple of times and never experienced any fall-outs. So it’s definitely one of my favourites to reach for.

amazon makeup brush

The reviews on this product already answer all your questions in terms of quality and reliability. The bristles are soo soft and blend very nicely.

I like that this product didn’t come with the paint scent that you normally find with other cheaper brushes, so that was definitely a plus for me.

If you also have no idea which brushes to use for what and where it basically comes with a manual that I find handy in teaching you the use of each brush piece. For roughly 10 bucks, you certainly can’t go wrong having this in your collection.

amazon makeup brush

This is a little bit more pricey as compared to the other makeup brush sets mentioned above, but the quality of this is amazing. I personally love reaching for the bronzer and loose powder brushes frequently as it perfectly blends out my makeup the way I need it to.

It costs about 20 bucks, but the quality of the set is reasonable for the price point. I also love the rose gold design of the brush. If looks matter to you in picking a perfect brush, then this would be a great choice.

amazon makeup brush

I just had to throw this into the mix, although I do have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with it. As someone who is constantly playing around with eyeshadows, I always tend to stack up frequently on blending and crease brushes .

This is perfect for anyone who intends to do a ton of eye makeup looks on a tight budget. It retails for about 8 bucks, so that shouldn’t break the bank too much.

I used this for a while and didn’t have that many problems with it. However, I would recommend that you wash with caution. I noticed a bit of fall-out after letting a significant amount of water leak through the heel of the brush. So be sure to avoid that as much as possible when washing this set.

amazon makeup brush

Let me know some of your favourite cheap brushes or any recommendations in the comments section below.

Till next time,

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