The 11 products you need in your everyday makeup bag

I was that makeup lover who happened to keep up with all types of beauty trends. I even went as far as purchasing every new release just to try out various kinds of products and see what worked for my skin type.

This shopping addiction led my sweet boyfriend to basically label me as “makeup obsessed”….. and as much as I disliked being called obsessed for whatever reason, I didn’t really see my obsession with makeup as a huge problem.

The downside to picking up a ton of products every week was definitely storage. I didn’t have any space for such products in my makeup bag, so I did what some would consider “makeup cleansing”- I started throwing out products due to lack of storage space.

Because of all that, I decided to change my habit and work on my obsession with makeup. These days I only settle for what is needed and not necessarily what’s trending. This has drastically reduced how much products I hoard on a daily basis and how much money I spend on makeup overall.

The truth is, you really do not need ALL THAT MAKEUP that companies trick you into purchasing, and in the long run, you’d be very glad you didn’t spend all that money on products.

Here’s one trick to knowing the products that are truly essential to you;

If you’re going on a short vacation with your friends or family, what products are you most likely to take with you and which are you most likely to leave behind?

When you start to see a clearer picture of your favorites VS your not-so-favorite, the process of purchasing and storing makeup becomes a whole lot easier.

products you need in your makeup bag

The products you need in your everyday makeup bag

1.) 2 in 1 Setting pray and Primer

When organizing your makeup bag, you most definitely want a lightweight travel friendly bag to keep all your favorite goodies. I suggest getting a two-in-one setting spray and primer, that way you can prime and set without worry about carrying/storing way too many products.

2.) Foundation

Just pick a favorite foundation of yours. One that is very lightweight and medium to full coverage for a much evened-out look. You seriously do not need more than one foundation in your makeup bag unless you’re the type to mix two or more shades to create the perfect match.

3.) Concealer

This is very essential for most makeup lovers and is commonly found in any makeup collection. A concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your skin tone, with a good blend-able formula should be perfect for your makeup bag.

4.) Translucent powder

You obviously need to set your makeup to prevent looking oily throughout the day, so a translucent powder should just be enough to hide the appearance of your pores and set your foundation/concealer.

makeup bag

makeup bag

5.) Mascara

This makes your eyes pop and is definitely essential in a makeup bag especially for those who completely dislike wearing false lashes on a daily basis. A mascara wand that’s perfect for both your top and bottom lashes would be a great option.

6.) Contour & Highlight kit

If you find a product with both contour and highlight shades within it, you’re pretty much set. You definitely would save a lot of money when you don’t spend on individual highlighters and contour powders.

7.) Bronzer

If you’re more of the everyday natural look type of person, then a bronzer would be really necessarily in keeping your look simple and flawless. I usually would stick to bronzers and ditch my contour kits, but it all really depends on my mood at that period.

8.) Eyeshadow palette

When picking an eyeshadow palette, you definitely want to choose a palette with shades that suit your undertone. Also, try to go for palettes that have a variety of color ranges to pick from so you don’t feel limited in your selection. I would personally recommend the Jaclyn hill palette, as it incorporates a ton of shades that range from warm to cool, with some pops of color.

9.) Eyeliner

If you’re not a fan of eyeliners, then this might not really be necessary, but seeing that a lot of people these days use eyeliners more often that not, it would only be right to have it in your makeup bag. Eyeliners can really change up your eye look dramatically, so if that sounds like something you’re into, I say go for it.

10.) Lipstick/gloss

A nude and red lipstick would be ideal for any makeup bag. A nude lipstick would make your look appear more natural and subtle depending on the occasion, while a red lipstick would give you that red carpet glam look instantly when you need to switch things up a bit.

11.) Brow pomade

A makeup look wouldn’t be complete without the perfect brows, so you definitely need a brow pomade in your makeup bag. The Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade is a pretty great option to consider, as it is travel size friendly with a pretty decent formula.

What are some products you think is essential in every makeup bag, let me know in the comments

Till next time,

xo, Eleanor ♥

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