Morphe 35OM

What’s all the fuss with Morphe?

If you are part of the beauty industry or just like to keep up with makeup trends, then you must have definitely come across or heard of the brand “Morphe”. Like seriously, Jaclyn Hill recently just did an awesome collaboration with them, so if you still don’t know who the heck they are, then honey, you’ve been sleeping under a rock.

Apparently, I am one of the late-comers when it comes to purchasing any of their products, so forgive me if I am doing a Morphe palette first impression in July of 2017, hehe.

Before I even dive into the discussion of Morphe and the main topic of this blog post, it’s best I give you guys a brief background history on my eyeshadow makeup collection.

So for a long time now, I’ve been quite cheap when it comes to picking eyeshadow palettes. I usually stick to the average L’Oréal drugstore palette, because its super inexpensive and it gets the job done.

After a while of realizing my makeup game was slacking a bit, I felt it was time I became a grown woman and started purchasing high-end makeup brands. So like your average beauty guru, I walked into Sephora and picked a palette that cost me $40 bucks (that’s approximately worth 4 L’Oreal palettes). It was the modern renaissance palette and I found it to be extremely breathtaking after swatching it–Plus, some of its pigments catered to warm tones (which to me is a must), and you know, everyone loves a little bit of warm sometimes.

I used the modern renaissance palette for a while and got bored of it. There weren’t that many shades to play with so my eye makeup was always very similar looking. Then the hype of Morphe continued… and at first I thought it was one of those trends that faded off with time, but for some reason it didn’t. The palettes were always sold out the minute I decided to get my hands on it and I felt the universe was being mean to me.




Fast forward to today and I finally have my hands on this hyped palette. It definitely isn’t the best of the best like the hype that comes with it, but it does come with a variety of shades to play around with. I personally prefer the 35OM simply because of the warm vibrant pigment that comes with the palette (and also the fact that it’s matte). The packaging isn’t really the best as the body feels kind of plastic and bendable, but overall the cost is just perfect for the number of shades it comes with.

For starters who want to move up to the high-end side but simply can’t afford it, I would recommend this product as it is cheaper and has a decent formula. However, if you have the money to splurge, then you basically don’t have to worry about missing out on the hype of this product since a lot of other high end palettes outrank this by far.

I really wanted to get my hands on the Jaclyn Hill palette, but as always it was sold out very quickly so I had to jump on the 35OM which I don’t necessarily regret buying.

In conclusion of the Morphe Palette

I think this palette is great for starters and people who want a little bit of variety in their palette for a cheap price.

Morphe 2 - Morphe 35OM

Morphe swatches - Morphe 35OM
These are a few swatches of my favorite colors to use in this palette

xo, Eleanor ♥

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