Morphe 35O2 review – Second nature eyeshadow palette

Hey makeup lovers, I’m back again with another makeup review and this time around I’m reviewing the brand new Morphe 35O2 second nature eyeshadow palette.

So if you keep up with my blog posts, then you’d know that I previously made a review post about the Morphe 35O and the Jaclyn Hill palette. I absolutely love those palettes and still use them till date,.. so when I heard the release of the 35O2 second nature palette, I knew I had to get my hands on it.

So as usual here’s my thoughts on this palette:

Morphe 35O2 – Second nature eyeshadow palette

  • Packaging:

Like every other Morphe palette, this still comes in the same black plastic packaging. However, Morphe did switch up the logo on the packaging, which I was a bit surprised about.. and they finally decided to name each shade on the palette.

It doesn’t come with a mirror, unfortunately, but that’s pretty common with most Morphe palettes.

Morphe 35o2

Morphe 35o2

  • Formula:

The formula is very creamy and pigmented. I noticed how different the formula is to the regular 35O and how similar it is to the Jaclyn Hill palette.

The mattes are creamy and blend effortlessly while the shimmery shades are very pigmented. I like that the packaging barely has any fall outs as compared to the regular 35O which had a ton of fall outs.

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  • Shade range:

So if you compare the regular 35O to the Morphe 35O2, one major key difference you would notice is how warmer the 35O2 palette is.

The 35O has a lot of lighter warm shades while the 35O2 has a lot of darker warmer shades which I feel would work very well on any skin tone. For my black sisters out there, this palette is great and does have shades that pick up on darker skin tones.

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morphe 35o2 vs morphe 35o
Morphe 35O2 vs Morphe 35O side by side comparison
  • Price point:

This retails for about $23 on their website which shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, especially if you’re familiar with Morphe’s price point. For the number of shades you get, this palette is pretty affordable.

morphe 35o2

Morphe 35o2

My overall thoughts?

Well, I definitely like this palette. I didn’t see anything wrong with it, and it is a step up from the ever so popular Morphe 35O. It definitely is a great palette to consider purchasing especially during the fall season. The shades ‘Fire’ and ‘Ruby’ basically scream FALL, so if you currently don’t have these shades in your collection, I’d recommend picking up this palette.

If you currently have the Jaclyn Hill palette (which I can’t get enough of) you might not necessarily need to splurge on this new release. You can still create amazing looks with her palette.

If you’re a beginner at makeup and would love to play around with deep warm shades, then I suggest picking up this palette.

What are your thoughts on this palette? Do you think its worth the hype or nah? What are your thoughts on the brand Morphe? Let me know in the comments section below.


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