kkw beauty powder contour & highlight kit

So recently, there’s been a sort of controversy around the new kkw beauty powder contour & highlight kit. Some people love it while some people hate it, and honestly, I don’t really think it should be that much of a big deal.

The kkw beauty powder contour & highlight kits launched on the 22nd of this month, and boyyyy….. it sold out soo quick! Luckily, I was one of the few ones who were able to get their hands on the kit.

The product retailed for $52 dollars, but I purchased mine for about $60, which included shipping, tax and handling. I would definitely say this product is on the pricey end, so you might want to take that into consideration if you intend to purchase this on the next launch.

kkw beauty

Initially she came out with the contour sticks, which I couldn’t get my hands on unfortunately, but I’m sort of happy I didn’t purchase it. I saw a ton of reviews about the product before and after the launch and that made me quite hesitant to buy it.

To say the least, I’m not necessarily a HUGE fan of Kim, but lets be honest, most of us do keep up with her. Whether or not you try to disconnect yourself from every social media platform available, you’re still going to hear about her somehow in someway, so for now, it’s only wise to just indulge in her social media presence.

I would definitely try my best to stay positive and honest by not calling Kim out for her products since it is her first time indulging in something as complicated as makeup; However, it’s safe to say we can expect some improvement in the near future (which she did talk about in some of her interview videos.)

Before purchasing the kkw beauty powder contour & highlight kit I was hoping for that improvement, and so far, I won’t necessarily say I’m impressed, but I can agree that she improved on a few things with this product.

kkw beauty


  • Packaging:

The packaging is similar to the ones she used for her contour sticks which came in a plastic bag, almost similar to the packaging of forever 21 makeup kits. It wasn’t really a problem for me, but if packaging is something you really care about, then you might see it as a problem.

The package also comes with a brush which is slanted on one end and rounded on the other. One end of the brush is basically used to apply the highlighters while the other is used for the contour powders.

  • Formula:

Okay…, .. the formula is great. I love how pigmented and creamy the highlighters are, but I can’t really say the same for the matte contour powders. There was quite a bit of fall out on the matte contour powders but not too much to be an issue. In terms of pigmentation, It appears quite pigmented on my skin tone. I didn’t necessarily have to apply a lot of product to notice a difference. Mind you, I purchased mine in the darkest shade available.

I like that the matte shades do come in warm and cool tones if you tend to be one or the other. Depending on your skin tone, the warm matte shade might wear on a little too warm. I find that mixing both the warm and cool pans together actually gives me a more desired natural look.

  • Color range:

She did try to incorporate different shade ranges for various skin tones which I find impressive. However, I feel a deep dark kit would still be very much necessary to incorporate some darker skinned women. I’m hoping she would take that into consideration in the near future. The highlighter shades do wear on pretty nicely and it also suits various undertones. I would say the highlight shades can definitely work well with any skin tone, so that to me was a plus with this product.

  • Price point:

The product is pretty much on the pricey end. It cost about $52 dollars which I believe is wayy to expensive for its worth. It comes with a brush and the pan sizes are large, which may be a reason for the high cost. Basically, you’re pretty much paying for the palette, a brush and the name –Kim Kardashian.

kkw beauty



  • Suits a variety of skin colors. Comes in the shades: Light, medium and dark
  • Palette comes with a mirror
  • Large pan sizes.
  • Good pigmentation
  • Creamy highlight shades
  • Incorporates various undertones
  • Comes with a brush
  • Travel size friendly


  • Matte powders have a bit of fall out
  • matte powders may appear too cool or too warm depending on skin tone
  • Brushes aren’t storage friendly and pick up too much product
  • Very pricey

My thoughts on the kkw beauty powder contour & highlight kits? 

Honestly, with all the controversy around this palette, I personally don’t think its a bad product. I actually do like it a lot. I definitely do not regret purchasing it, because I can still see myself using it on a daily basis for my makeup looks.

On first use, I noticed there was a bit of fall out with the contour powders, which did baffle me for a moment. However, I quickly noticed the brush it came with was picking up too much product from it, which resulted in the crazy fall out. I don’t necessarily recommend using the brush, but if you can get a hang of it, then that’s okay.

With the highlighters, I didn’t find any problems with it at all. It is very creamy and has a lot of pigment to it.

The contour powders are a bit too pigmented, which requires me to use a very light hand when blending out the product, but that to me isn’t really an issue.


Should you purchase the kkw beauty powder contour & highlight kit?…

If you have the money and are a big fan of Kim, I suggest purchasing it. I find this to be a lot better than the contour sticks she came out with which had way less product in it,… so with this…you do go a long way before hitting pan.

I did a side by side comparison with my Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour kit, and I noticed that the kkwbeauty powder contour & highlight kit has a larger pan size. So you do end up getting a bit of more product with Kim’s palette.kkwbeauty powder contour highlight kit vs anastasia beverly hills contour kit - kkw beauty powder contour & highlight kit

I would rate this palette a B.

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