Juvia’s Place Festival Eyeshadow Palette Review

I was browsing through Instagram a couple days ago and stumbled across a post from juvia’s place. The post featured a beautiful eyeshadow palette with dramatic pops of color, and as much as I wanted to just keep scrolling through my feed, it became hard to resist not knowing more about this palette.

Sooo… I eventually ended up picking one up, and as always, I decided to give you guys the full details on this palette to know if its worth your coins or not.

The last time I talked about Juvia’s place on my blog was my review of the Zulu eyeshadow palette which I thought was absolutely gorgeous and very affordable.

This brand has a way of formulating highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes at an affordable price point that won’t break your bank.  So picking up another palette from them was definitely on my checklist.

For today’s post, I would be reviewing the Juvia’s place festival eyeshadow palette which is the newest addition to their eyeshadow collection. Be sure to read till the end cause I do have a video tutorial on this palette *wink* *wink*

Juvia’s Place Festival Eyeshadow Palette 

  • Packaging:

The packaging of this palette is pretty basic. It isn’t any different from the other packaging from their previous palettes, so you still pretty much get the same type of packaging if you already own a palette from them.

It came in a small box that enclosed the palette in a tight bubble wrap, which ensured the palette didn’t get broken during the shipping process.

This palette, unfortunately, does not come with a mirror as with most of their other palettes, but this does have each shade name printed on the palette, which I did find quite useful while recording tutorials.

The pan sizes are quite large, so you do get a bit of use with this palette before hitting pan.

  • Formula:

The formula of this palette is pretty great. The shades are highly pigmented and blend like a dream. The shimmery shades aren’t necessarily the creamiest, but they do show up quite pigmented when used together with a damp brush.

I would definitely agree that the formula is very similar to that of the Zulu palette which I found quite interesting. In that case, I do recommend going in with a very light hand when applying this eyeshadow in order to prevent too much pigment from transferring over.

Juvia's place festival eyeshadow palette

  • Shade range:

If you’re looking for a glam palette with pops of warm colors for an event, then this would be your go to. However, if you’re more on the natural everyday go-to type of palette, then this may not be your favorite.

For a natural everyday look, I would suggest picking up the Nubian eyeshadow palette from their collection.

This palette is quite colorful and doesn’t necessarily come with decent transition shades or nude shades, hence why I believe it should only be used for a glam type of look.

The matte shades are pretty warm, while the shimmer shades have neutral pops of colors. Overall, I do believe the shades work well together depending on how you choose to make use of the palette.

Given the pigmentation of this palette, I was quite happy with the color pay-off on much darker skin tones. Usually, it’s quite difficult to have shades like these show up on individuals with more melanin, so I do give this palette a good star rating in that category.

Recently, I’ve been finding it quite difficult to work with some of their most recent releases as their palettes tend to come with pops of colors that may seem quite hard to play around with on its own.

I find that I do tend to dig into other palettes to create a more seamless look with most of their palettes.

This palette, however, seemed quite easier to transition and work with. I struggled with the Zulu palette for a while trying to work with the colors, but this was a breeze.

juvais place festival eyeshadow palette

  • Price Point:

The shadows are super affordable for the pan sizes and formula you get. It retails for $21 on their website, which I feel is a good starting price point before shipping and handling costs come into play.

One common thing I’ve noticed about most Juvia’s place palettes is that its almost impossible to find cheaper dupes for them. If you’re wanting a dupe, you may end up purchasing quite a number of palettes which would costs you much more than their original selling price.

So I would recommend sticking to their site and not worrying about dupes as most of their palette don’t tend to break your bank.

Juvia's place festival eyeshadow palette

My Overall Thoughts?

If you feel like this palette calls your name, then I say go for it. However, if it does seem a bit too glamorous for you, then do not bother about picking up this palette.

Some of the shades in this palette can be found in several other palettes just in case you decide to putt off purchasing one.

I personally feel that juvia’s place has one of the best quality shadows in terms of pigmentation,… so if that sounds like something you may be interested in, then I recommend checking out this brand and picking up their eyeshadows.

While testing this out, I did notice that the dark red shade, Izafa was giving off a pinky-red hue when applied on my lid. I was expecting an exact color pay off as seen on the pan to show up on my lid, but that wasn’t necessarily the case. It wasn’t really a problem for me, but if you are drawn to this palette solely because of that shade, then you may not really expect what you see.

One other shade I found a bit weird to work with was Keleke, which is the dark shimmery shade in the palette. I’m not typically used to playing with dark shimmer shades alongside bright warm colors, so this made me look a bit funky.

For a smoky eye, however, this would be a beautiful addition to glam up the eye look.


What do you think of the juvia’s place festival eyeshadow palette? Let me know in the comments below.

juvais place festival eyeshadow palette


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