Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palette review

HOLY FREAKK!!!! you won’t believe it.. I actually was able to finally get my hands on the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palette. Everytime it comes back in stock, I’m always too late to snatch it, but this time around I prepared myself. I followed Morphe closely on Instagram and the moment I heard of the release date, I made time for it.

After ordering and using the Morphe 35O, I completely fell in love with their eyeshadow palettes. Two major reasons being the price point, and the variety of shades it comes with. Morphe is definitely one of those companies that isn’t necessarily considered high end, but does carry quality products that are very affordable.

Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palette. _Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palette


  • Packaging: 

First off, the packaging feels a lot different from the other Morphe palettes I’ve bought. This has a different color and twist to it. The package isn’t plastic like the 35O that I currently have and it’s also easier to open up. The color of the packaging is also pretty nice. It comes in a white cardboard like packaging, and if you don’t know by now, I actually love the color white.

  • Forumla:

Overall, I would say the formula is pretty okay. It does contain some similar ingredients as some of the other Morphe palettes, but that’s expected. It blends very well and is highly pigmented, and a little does go a very long way. In Jaclyn’s release video, she talked about putting her sweat and blood into this formula, so I believe that’s why there’s a bit of difference in the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palette as compared to other Morphe eyeshadow palettes.

In addition, the palette comes with a lot of matte and shimmery shades which is nice for creating various looks depending on what you’re going for. The shimmer shades can also be used for highlighting which I found pretty amazing. I also noticed that the shimmery shades are very creamy as compared to the mattes which probably has a lot to do with the formula. They swatch pretty nicely and wear on very okay as well.

  • Color range:

I love this palette mostly because of the color selection. I feel like jaclyn really incorporated a ton of colors that are very easy to create different looks with. This palette suits basically any undertone. A lot of warm tone colors seem to be pressed across the top of the palette, while the cool tones go across the bottom. There are also a few transition shades to work with especially for my dark skin tone, which is something I truly appreciate about this palette.

  • Price point:

As usual, Morphe sets their products at an affordable price point making it easier for customers to purchase their products. This product however is slightly priced higher than the usual price of other palettes. It retails online for $38, but I purchased mine for about $45 which included shipping, tax and handling, so it most definitely is a bit on the pricy end. For the number and types of color shade ranges that you get–plus the formula, I would say this product is definitely worth the steal.

Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palette.




  • Lots of color shade ranges for both cool and warm undertones
  • Good price point
  • Takes a while before hitting pan
  • Very pigmented
  • Incorporates both shimmery and matte shadow colors as well as a variety of transition shades
  • Blends in nicely
  • Portable and travel friendly.


  • White packaging, which gets dirty easily.
  • Color shade names do not appear on the palette
  • Doesn’t come with a mirror
  • Some matte pigments swatch lighter than seen on the pan and may require building up.

My thoughts on the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palette?

I feel this palette is worth the hype, both for individuals who are starting with makeup as well as professional makeup artists. The pros definitely make this palette stand out in comparison to various other eyeshadow palettes and I definitely believe Jaclyn really put in the work in creating this.

As compared to many other high end brands that produce eyeshadow palettes, I believe this palette comes close in terms of formula and pigmentation. I would highly suggest purchasing this product when in stock if you don’t have enough coins saved up for high end brands. This product would do just fine. I also love that I can carry this when on the go without worrying about lacking certain color shades.

The color shades really got my attention..

I completely love warm tones and I’m glad this palette contains a lot of warm shades. For the summer, I will be spending more time using the shades at the very top of the palette for the majority of my looks. When the fall and winter season starts approaching, I would likely switch up my look and try to use more of the bottom row of the palette.

I love the variety of shades I can get from this palette and I’m already so eager to start doing a ton of looks with it. Expect to see more makeup look posts in the future using this palette as it is definitely going to become my new “go to”. I’ve never really been a huge fan of shimmers, but the creamy texture of shimmer shades in this palette would definitely make me incorporate more shimmers in my looks.

In conclusion, I give the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palette a B+ overall rating.

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