Jackie Aina talks trends we’re ditching in 2018 and we couldn’t agree more.

Jackie Aina talks trends we’re ditching in 2018 and we couldn’t agree more.

Right before screaming happy 2018, the beauty Youtube star, Jackie Aina, came back at it again with her popular video series called “trends we’re ditching“. She started this series back in 2014, when she posted the first ever “trends we’re ditching in 2015” video which resulted in a massive number of views, shares and engagements.

These videos tend to be posted right before the New Years and Jackie has seemed to catch a lot of attention with this series, bringing fans to anxiously anticipate her videos at the end of each year.

However, recently in her latest trends we’re ditching in 2018 video, she talks about 2017 being the last year of her letting go of the very popular video series. In a clip of the latest series she adds;

“I’m tired of that being the only reason why people come back to my channel, sis, how about you support my content year round. I’m not going to jump when you say jump”

In addition, she feels the video series has completely run its course and doesn’t really enjoy making the videos as much, although she does claim that such videos are very fun to make.

Also, Jackie feels that viewers do not truly understand her humor making such videos, regardless of how many disclaimers she throws into these clips.

Jackie Aina trends we're ditching in 2018

I personally believe Jackie has a point to make about why she’s quitting the series, but it sure did hurt to be informed about it, as I tend to usually look forward to these types of videos each year, especially from her channel.

Jackie Aina is definitely one of my all time favorite Youtuber. She has a voice in the beauty Youtube community that just seems to stand out amongst other popular channels.

She did however gain that voice due to most of her controversial videos that involved roasting and calling out brands that were being very unfair in the beauty community.

Jackie specifically tends to call out brands that heavily neglect women of color- or are overall lacking in quality products-which is what pulls viewers to truly trust her opinions.

You can either love her opinions or completely despise them. At the end of the day, she only makes these videos to be critical of brands to produce more quality products.

I personally love her voice as an influencer. At first, I did find her to be very negative in her views and opinions, but the more I gave myself time to listen to her reasons behind roasting certain brands/products, the more it became difficult to say no to the subscribe button.

Jackie just has a humor you don’t necessarily find in the beauty community, making her stand out amongst many beauty bloggers/vloggers. She also has a chunk of loyal fans, so you definitely wouldn’t want to mess with her if you don’t want over 1.8+ million followers coming for you (including me lol).

As a Nigerian, and a woman of color myself, there’s just so much about Jackie that I can always relate to. Outside of her controversial videos and tweets, she still remains a sweet soul, who you simply just can’t resist.

In the latest and last video series, she mentions a few trends that I believe we can all seriously agree on both inside and outside the beauty community.

A few of the trends we’re ditching she discussed were:

  • Wavy Brows

I guess I’m not the only one who absolutely despises this trend. Turns out a whole lot of beauty influencers including Jackie can agree that this trend literally makes absolutely no sense. I guess I wasn’t alone when I talked about this in a recent blog post.

  • Clickbait


I just can’t stand clickbait. Like seriously, those of you out there that do a lot of clickbait, my one question to you is ; why so desperate? This concept of clickbait for views not only brings views, but takes viewers trust and attention away from your content. If you intend on growing your following by doing a lot of click bait, sorry to burst your bubble vision, but that aint gonna work

This concept of clickbait for views not only brings views, but takes viewers trust & attention away from your content. Click To Tweet

We viewers are sick and TIRED of the clickbait! So please, STOP IT!

Jackie Aina trends we're ditching in 2018

  • Gigi Hadid X Maybelline collaboration

I was literally going to make a blog post roasting this collab, but sweet Jackie made the roasting a lot better. No offense Gigi, but your collar seriously reminds me of kids make up. Once again, NO OFFENSE!

Why make a collab if its only going to work for a small percentage of skin types? Oh and let’s not forget how shitty the packaging and pan size of the blush and bronzer is. Also, If you really expect us to use the brush tool that comes with the kit, then you’re playing yourself Gigi Hadid.

  • Jake Paul

Can we just get rid of him please? I’m tired of my youtube recommending his videos when I’m not even a subscriber to his channel.

Honestly, his content is centered towards individuals of a certain age group that just happens to be below my generation. I don’t want to be watching kids content when I’m already past that stage. And can we also keep the drama out of 2018 as well? Most of us ain’t got time for that! sheesh

  • Grown baby hairs

I’m not even going to rant about this, because Instagram just wouldn’t listen. Can we all just let actual baby hairs be baby hairs and let grown hairs be grown hairs? Stop turning long grown hairs into baby hairs, its not cute! it’s not!

Can we all just let actual baby hairs be baby hairs and let grown hairs be grown hairs? Click To Tweet
  • Nose Highlight

Remember how I talked about being tired of the over highlighting shituation that always happens on instagram? Well ya’ll BETTER end it in 2018. The Nose highlight is NOT pretty, it’s just not cute. Especially highlighting at the tip of your nose. I’ve seen a lot of beauty influencers exaggerate this trend and it’s just sad ya’ll. Like really sad.

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  • Instagram Algorithm

Jackie did briefly talk about wanting her Instagram feed back in chronological order and I seriously couldn’t agree more. Sometimes, we all just want to see things as they come, not based on engagement. It’s exasperating trying to find relevance on my timeline without all the craziness of Instagram getting in the way.

Please Instagram, work on this!

Anyways, what are some other trends we’re ditching coming into the New Year? let me know in the comments.

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