Here’s how to properly remove makeup after a long day

You just came home, feeling extremely tired and just can’t wait to jump right into bed. But before you can even think of doing that, you realize you still have makeup on.

*sigh* The feeling..

Trust me, I understand.

One thing I love to take off after a long day besides my bra (obviously) is my makeup. Like seriously, Nothing beats the feeling of a completely fresh and moisturized face ready to jump right into bed.

Sometimes we all just want the easy way out of taking of all that product,

A basic makeup wipe and you’re good to go.

BUT hey, can we just save ourselves the consequences of not properly cleansing by actually taking the extra step to properly cleanse?

BUT hey, can we at least just save ourselves the consequences of not properly cleansing by actually taking the extra step to properly cleanse? Click To Tweet

I mean,… it would only take a few minutes.. heck why not?

So before you decide to hop right into bed, here is the proper way to remove makeup after a busy day (or not so busy hehe).

How to Properly remove your makeup 2


1.) Dampen it up a little bit

Its very tempting to quickly reach for your regular cleanser and start wiping things off, but sometimes you really need to take one little step before you even think of doing that.

Dampening up your face with a little of bit of water I find actually helps to open up your pores for a better clean. Don’t believe me? Give it a try and see.

It’s not necessarily going to remove makeup, especially if you often wear waterproof products, but it certainly would help a bit in taking off the ones that aren’t technically waterproof.

2.) Use a cotton pad and a cleanser

And for the love of god, please make sure your cleaner is designed to remove makeup. You definitely don’t want to spend more time struggling to take off makeup than usual.

You could also opt to use a makeup wipe although I never really approve of those- if you don’t really have a good cleanser to do the dirty job.

I personally use micellar water, it’s literally the best thing discovered by man, and it picks up a whole ton of dirt and oils from the skin, without causing your skin to feel too dry.

Be sure to wipe lightly in circular motions to get the corners of your face that carry left over product.

For eye makeup; The best way to remove eye makeup is to pat (and not rub) the area to you want to get rid of product. Rubbing around the eye area would only irritate the layer of skin on your lids which can be very harmful.

Pro Tip: If you really want to get every tiny bit of eye makeup out without worrying too much about rubbing the delicate skin on your eye area, I highly suggest using a Q-tip to do the job.

Simply dampen the Q-tip a little bit with an eye makeup removing cleanser- or just any cleanser in general- and swirl the Q-tips around the area you intend to get rid of product. You’re welcome!

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3.)  Can’t trust your cleanser? Use a Toner

Some of us just like the extra step of getting it all out.

I personally don’t use Toners, because I never feel the need to, but if you feel like your cleansers aren’t just cutting it for you, then you can still use a toner to pick up any left over dirt.

These days, a lot of cleansers actually do a pretty good job of completely removing makeup, so you might not always need to rely on a toner for an additional step.

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4.) Rinse it all

An extra step to make sure all makeup has completely come off and no excess products are left is to rinse it all out.

Be sure to use lukewarm water when rinsing.

Sometimes I like to start off with lukewarm water to rinse it off, and then adjust the temperature of the water to be slightly colder. Although this has NO effect on how your pores open or close, I find that it does make my skin look a bit more refreshed after.

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5.) Use a Facial mist or moisturizer

I seriously can’t go about my daily routine without spraying a facial mist after washing my face. It just feels like something is missing.

To lock back hydration and moisture to your face after all that cleansing, it is best to apply a facial mist or moisturizer that works well with your skin.

You definitely don’t want to leave your skin too dry or dehydrated and jump right into bed.. That is just a especially for those with very dry skin types.

And Voila! your skin is all ready for the night!

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