Everyday Natural Makeup Look For Work | Quick & Easy

Everyday Natural Makeup Look For Work | Quick & Easy

Hello makeup lovers, so today’s post is going to be my everyday natural makeup look for work. As you know by now, I work full time, so my makeup routine definitely isn’t as glamorous as you may think.

I recorded a video of this look below, so be sure to see the end and watch the tutorial/Look if you are interested.

Working full time is definitely stressful and time consuming. I spend pretty much most of my days at work,… so often times I try to use very subtle makeup, just so my skin feels more comfortable and breathable.

My every day natural makeup look basically only takes me about 10 mins to complete. I usually wake up for work at 5am, and I’m able to take a shower and do my makeup just in time before I have to leave my house.

This look is super easy, so I barely have to worry about spending so much time applying makeup. Plus, it blends in very nicely into my skin so my coworkers won’t necessarily notice much makeup. I find that this looks a lot more professional as compared to throwing on a full glam face of makeup, so I tend to always stick to this application method.

Since we entered spring, my skin tone has slowly started to change. I can barely find a foundation to perfectly match me, so I usually have to combine shades together. To achieve a more natural makeup look in this season, I tend to mix my Diorskin forever perfect foundation with my physicians formula healthy foundation, which is my drugstore favorite.

I try not to do as much contouring on my face, however, I go in with a bronzer to add a bit of warmth. Baking also has never been a favorite of mine, so I usually just press in my translucent powder to set in any concealer I use during the application process.

Blinding highlighters are also a big no for a natural makeup look, so I tend to use a very light hand when applying my highlighters.

I do use a blush from time to time to give my face a bit of color, but sometimes I skip it overall, especially when I’m in a hurry.

Honestly, I never use eyeshadows for a natural makeup look, because eyeshadows basically never go under the category of being natural. As much as I would love to throw in an eyeshadow to make my look a bit more glam, it just seems too much for a work kind of makeup.

I usually always have to put a lipstick on before leaving the house, and often times I opt for natural looking nude shades over pops of colors like red, orange, etc… Nudes are just perfect for a natural makeup look, especially when you find the right shade that complements your undertones.

While recording this video, it kind of hit me to realize that I tend to use quite a lot of L’Oreal cosmetics products. I never really thought of myself as a huge fan of L’Oreal, but for some reason, most of the products in this brand tend to work very well for me.

  But anyway… I hope you guys enjoy this video.. Let me know what your thoughts are on my natural makeup look.. would you consider giving this a shot or nah? 



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