Diorskin Forever Perfect Foundation Review

Diorskin Forever Perfect Foundation Review

I was looking through my old blog posts today and realized that I’ve never mentioned my current favourite foundation to you guys. In fact, I barely ever talk about products that I truly enjoy especially given the fact that my blog is centred around beauty.


From now on, all that is going to change. I would be letting you guys in on all the products I adore and use on a regular basis. So not to worry too much.

Introducing my current favourite foundation…. ***drum roll***- The Diorskin Forever Perfect Foundation.

It’s literally called a perfect foundation for a reason guys, believe me. I first heard about this foundation a couple months ago from a sweetheart I met as Sephora.

Back then, I was still a huge lover of the Estee Lauder double wear foundation, which I never really talked about on here, but that was my high-end go-to product.

I still love the Estee Lauder foundation and still reach for it quite often, but ever since I became an owner of the Diorskin Forever Perfect Foundation, my love began to change. It was so hard deciding which product to introduce to you guys as my favourite, as I do love both foundations, however, I realized that the Diorskin Forever Perfect Foundation has been more of my preferred everyday reach.

Diorskin forever perfect foundation

So why do I love this foundation soo much?

There’s just so much about it that I absolutely love and I’d be giving you guys a review/explanation of why this has been an absolute favourite.


  • Complexion Shade Range

First off, I’m a black woman. Meaning that it’s usually very difficult to find products that come close to my skin tone and undertone. This foundation, however, meets that major requirement. It comes with approximately 24 shades (which isn’t a lot), but it does suit a good number of skin tones and undertones, especially for someone with quite a bit of melanin. It does oxidize sometimes, depending on how much product one uses, so I would recommend at least one pump if you intend on using this product. I would still recommend the Estee Lauder double wear foundation if you care a lot about shade range because it caters to a wide variety of skin tones. I would do a review of it HERE if you are interested.

  • Coverage

This product is more on the medium spectrum which I really love. You could, however, build to full coverage, but I’d recommend going a shade lighter if you intend on doing that, since it tends to oxidize a tad bit with too much product. Anyway, for someone like me who prefers medium coverage for a daily go-to, I would recommend this product a ton. The medium coverage hides most of my acne scars and dark spots really well without using a corrector, which is an excellent buy. Plus it applies on smoothly and flawlessly with a lightweight feel.

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  • Skin Type

At this point, I’d definitely say my skin type is more on the combination spectrum. I tend to get very oily around my T-Zone, and this product really helps control the shine around that area. I also like that it has a bit of SPF in it as an additional bonus. I use this with my favourite primer, and it looks amazing and flawless on my skin. It minimizes the overall appearance of my large pores, which I found interesting.


  • Finish

As you probably may know by now, I absolutely love a matte finish. Given my combination skin type, I find that matte foundations tend to be the best option for me. This foundation, however, is matte, but still gives me a bit of a dewy finish, which I feel is amazing for my skin type. Plus it lasts up to 16 hours which is an everyday wear or events. I personally tend to dislike foundations that claim 24-hour coverage. Although 24 hours seems like a long time to most, and perfect for having your foundation on all day, I personally tend to reach for foundations that last for less than 24 hours. Unless I’m going to be gone all day. This claims to last up to 16 hours, but I did have it on for longer during an on-campus event, and it stayed well in place without creasing.

What I don’t like about this product

  • Oxidizes
  • Pricey
  • Scented
  • Not enough darker shade ranges.

Nonetheless, I really love how this foundation wears on me, and I can’t recommend it enough! Let me know in the comments a few of your favourite foundation(s). Till next time,

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