Current Beauty Favorites | What I’ve Been Loving So Far

My current beauty favorites!

Recently, there are some products that I’ve just been completely obsessed with. If you watch any of my videos or go back to my recent blog posts, then you’d know that I’ve constantly mentioned these products over and over again in my posts.

Either way, if you haven’t been able to really get the hints on the products that I’ve been loving, I would be sharing them with you in hopes that maybe you could try it out yourself.


Current Beauty Favorites 

  • Foundation: 

So I’ve been using and loving two particular foundations recently, and each time I’m willing to switch away and try something new, I usually end up back to these two.

current beauty favorites

  1. Toofaced Born This Way Foundation: I literally can’t let go of this foundation because it is just that good. One thing that I really like about this foundation is the airbrushed finish that it gives. It is very flash-friendly and gives a flawless porcelain look on camera. In addition, it blends like a dream and isn’t too drying during application. Recently, Toofaced extended the shade range for this foundation, making it easier to get your hands on it. So I recommend giving this a shot.current beauty favorites
  2. Maybelline Fit Me Stick Foundation: This foundation is what I refer to as my quickie foundation. It is pretty much what I wear when I’m trying to get out of the house and be on the go. I actually prefer using this over the liquid matte and poreless foundation, cause I find this to be an exact match for my skin tone. Compared to the born this way foundation, this doesn’t necessarily create the camera ready airbrushed finish, however, it does tend to give a natural looking finish for someone on the go.
  •  Concealer:

nyx primer current beauty favorites

I’ve been using my favorite NYX HD concealer, specifically for contour. So far I find it’s the best fit for my undertones as compared to many other concealers that I have. I also love the applicator on this concealer as it is so thin which makes it better able to control application. Overall as a contour concealer, I just like it a lot and have been completely obsessed.

  • Eyeshadow Palette: 

rimmel magnif'eyes current beauty favorites

Lately, I stumbled across the Rimmel Magnif’eyes eyeshadow palette and was absolutely blown away by the pigmentation and formulation. What really made me absolutely shocked overall was the price point. For just $7 I was surprised by the blend-ability and the overall color pay off which made me consider this as a favorite. If you’re really into Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes and you don’t intend on spending roughly 50 bucks on a palette, then I suggest you pick this gem up and save yourself some money, because this does literally the exact same thing.

  • Blush: 

wet n wild beauty favorites blush

Not a fan of blush, but the Wet n Wild color icon blush is the only blush that really has my heart. And surprisingly, it is only $2. Shocker! I just had to throw it in as part of my beauty favorites.

So far I find this to really be the only blush that truly gives me the flush that matches my undertones. I’ve tried so many blushes in the past, but this is the only one I keep reaching for the most and repurchasing.

  • Highlight & Contour Palette:

kkw beauty palette beauty favorites

Recently, I’ve been loving the KKW beauty highlight and contour palette. This is actually one palette that I gave up on after the first trial but revisited again much recently. And so far, it has literally become one of my beauty favorites. I specifically use the highlight shades on the palette as I find the contour shades to vary on my skin tone, depending on the season.

The highlight shades overall are really what constantly draws me to the palette.

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  • Setting Spray: 

catrice prime beauty favorites

The Catrice Prime and Fine setting spray is one that has recently become a beauty favorite and one that I repeatedly reach for. It reminds me so much of the mac fix plus to the point that I literally regard it as a dupe. They do pretty much the same thing in terms of keeping your makeup application put all day. Personally, one thing I love about using this spray is how it makes shimmery shadows pop. Each time I use this on a shimmery shadow, I get more pigment pay off and I just love it!

Definitely give this a shot if you are looking for a dupe for the mac fix plus, because this gives the same result for a decent price.

  • Lip Gloss: 

nyx slip and tease gloss beauty favorites

The NYX slip tease lip gloss is one that I discovered recently but has become a big fan of. I specifically like the shade “breezy” which is a nice coral pink shade that looks stunning on my skin tone. I’m not necessarily a fan of pink lipstick and glosses because I find that a lot of it doesn’t look good on my skin tone, however, this particular one looks gorgeous on me. I’m happy to finally be able to find a pink lip gloss that I can wear without worrying about looking like a fish.

  • Bronzer:

current beauty favorites bronzer

The Colour pop bronzer in the shade ‘rodeo drive‘ is one that I’ve just been recently reaching for. This falls more on the red side but looks absolutely stunning on deeper skin tones in the summertime, hence why I’ve been reaching for it a lot more lately. Sometimes, depending on the look I’m going for I would use this as an eyeshadow for a natural go-to look, but overall as a bronzer, I’ve just been obsessed.

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What are some of your current beauty favorites? Let me know in the comments below.


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