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Finding bronzers for dark skin tones can be a huge struggle. A lot of beauty companies sometimes forget that darker skin tones do exist and that can be very frustrating especially when finding makeup products to use.

With that being said, there are still some companies out there that cater to darker skin tones that just require us black women to do a little bit of searching and finding.

But no worries, I’ve helped you with a bit of research as well as a couple try on and wear tests to make it easier for you to find one that works.

For today’s post, I’ve picked up 9 great bronzers for dark skin tones that look absolutely stunning on women of color.

  • Covergirl Queen Collection bronzer (shade: Ebony Bronze)

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For just $9 this bronzer looks absolutely gorgeous on darker skin tones. It has just the perfect tone of red in it that gives the right amount of warmth to the skin. Unfortunately they don’t carry this in most stores around me, so I had to find it online and stack up.

I prefer to use this in the summer when my skin tone is a lot darker. I find that using this in the winter can look a little too warm, so if you are a bit darker than I am, this should be great as a bronzer to use all year round.

SHOP: Covergirl Queen Collection ($9)

  • Bobbi Brown Bronzer (shade: Deep)

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Definitely on the much expensive side of the spectrum is the Bobbi Brown bronzer. This is a common favorite by a lot of beauty gurus and is definitely worth the money.

Unlike the Covergirl Queen Collection, this doesn’t have as much red which makes it a great bronzer to use all year round. I tend to use this both in the summer and winter months as it adds just the right amount of warmth to the skin. Another great option to this would be the Guerlain Terracota Bronzer (shade: No 7)

SHOP: Bobbi Brown Bronzer ($40)

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Bronzer (shade: Mahogany)

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Similar to the Bobbi Brown bronzer but a lot less expensive; The Anastasia Bronzer in mahogany is just another great bronzer for dark skin tones. This tends to run slightly deeper than the Bobbi Brown bronzer, making it an amazing option for much deeper skin tones.

It is also a good choice of bronzer to wear all year round as it doesn’t run too red in tones. This has definitely been a go-to of mine for the past few months and a definite recommend for darker skin tones.

If you want a bronzer similar to the ABH bronzer but with a bit of shimmer, I would recommend the Becca sunlit Bronzer (shade: Ipanama sun), which is another affordable option and a great choice for the summer months.

SHOP: Anastasia Beverly Hills Bronzer ($25)

  • L’Oreal Lumi Bronze it Bronzer (Shade: deep)

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bronzers for dark skin tones_

I was SHOOK when I first came across this bronzer at the drugstore, because I couldn’t believe that I could find another bronzer at the drugstore that shows up on darker skin tones.

This bronzer does run a bit red, but is absolutely perfect for the summer time. This would be great for darker skin tones all year round.

SHOP: L’Oreal Lumi Bronze it Bronzer ($9)

  • Estee Lauder Bronze goddess bronzer (Shade: Deep)

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Definitely a great bronzer for medium to dark skin tones. If you’re on the much deeper end on the spectrum then this bronzer might seem a little to light, especially in the summer months.

I use this a lot in the winter months and it really performs well as an amazing bronzer. It doesn’t run too red, but does add the perfect warmth to the skin.

SHOP: Estee Lauder Bronze goddess Bronzer ($40)

  • Colourpop Bronzer (Shade: Rodeo Drive)

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bronzers for dark skin tones

Who knew colourpop had bronzers???? Definitely not me! But after stumbling across it on their website, I was sold!

Colourpop does have a huge range of bronzers for dark skin tones that perform pretty well. Although I don’t usually consider colourpop to be a drugstore brand, it is pretty affordable and gets the job done.

SHOP: Colourpop Bronzer ($8)

  • NYX No-filter Powder (Shade: Deep Golden)

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I was a bit skeptical to add this powder onto this post, because it is not marketed as a bronzer, however, it does tend to serve the place as a bronzer.

It’s not on the red side, but adds a beautiful warmth on medium to dark skin tones that sometimes I completely forget it’s marketed as a powder. If you’re looking at bronzers for darker skin tones, don’t hesitate to check out this powder, as it does a great job at bronzing the skin.

SHOP: NYX No-filter powder ($11)

Let me know if you guys have tried any of these bronzers for dark skin tones in the comments below and your experiences. Be sure to subscribe HERE for more beauty tips.

Till next time,

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