5 Best Quality Cheap Makeup Brush Sets On Amazon

Girl, these cheap makeup brush sets I’m about to show you will blow your mascara.

I’m not even kidding you.

All these beauty influencers and high-end brands have had enough of our coins. It’s about time we start saving some money and paying these bills.

With that being said, let me tell you guys about the cheap makeup brush sets I snagged on Amazon. These brushes are so stinking cheap, you could buy three sets and still spend less than $30.  

Since we are talking cheap, I do want to give you guys the TEA about these brushes. Because if you’re not careful, you might end up ruining it.

Most of these brushes are of good quality, but you must be careful about how you wash and handle them. In my own experience, using a makeup brush cleaner does the best job of cleaning them. However, using regular bar soap correctly would work. Just make sure you dry them upside down. 

I personally use the Japonesque makeup brush cleanser, but if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, definitely give the Ecotools makeup brush cleansing shampoo a try.

Best Cheap Makeup Brush Sets On Amazon

Pinterest CHEAP makeup brushes on amazon  - 5 Best Quality Cheap Makeup Brush Sets On Amazon

cheap makeup brush set BS SMALL  - 5 Best Quality Cheap Makeup Brush Sets On Amazon

This was my first makeup brush set from Amazon. I got it in my sophomore year of college and it literally lasted till my senior year.

It’s an amazing brush set for those who are just starting out with makeup. If you are an experienced professional, this might be limiting. But, it does an amazing job of picking and blending out products.

The package has 14 pcs of brushes for foundations, powders, concealers, and eyeshadows. Also, it retails for $10 and you could save extra with an amazon prime rewards card.

cheap makeup brush set bestope  1024x1024 - 5 Best Quality Cheap Makeup Brush Sets On Amazon

I love the quality of this brush set and I truly believe it’s great for professionals. It has really soft synthetic fibers that make a flawless makeup application.

Unlike some makeup brushes that pick up a ton of product, this does the complete opposite. You can be sure of not wasting any product if you go this route.

cheap makeup brush set eco tools  1024x1024 - 5 Best Quality Cheap Makeup Brush Sets On Amazon

Guys, Ecotools has super soft and firm brushes. No joke, these brushes will last you until Jesus comes. The cool thing too is that it picks up the right amount of product which makes your makeup look flawless.

This particular set comes with 5 essential brushes that are needed for daily makeup application. Plus with this set, you don’t have to worry about brush cleansers. Regular bar soap and water will do just fine.

cheap makeup brush set anjou  - 5 Best Quality Cheap Makeup Brush Sets On Amazon

If you are a professional, you NEED these brushes in your collection. This set is super soft, fluffy and most importantly, cruelty-free. Plus it comes with 24 brush pcs for a variety of product applications.

I highly recommend this product for artists who regularly perform detailed makeup application.

cheap makeup brush set daubigny 1024x1024 - 5 Best Quality Cheap Makeup Brush Sets On Amazon

This set is specifically for eye makeup. It has all the brushes you need for eye makeup. Although you might not use all the brushes in the set, it’s still great to have it on hand.

Furthermore, the good thing about these brushes is that it picks up less product. This can be a hit or miss for some people. But I personally see it as a plus when blending eyeshadow. Brushes that pick up too much product can make blending very difficult. These, however, help avoid that.

Finally, let me know in the comments your thoughts on these brushes if you do give them a try.

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