Best Beauty Youtubers: My Top 5 Most Favorites To Watch

Best Beauty Youtubers: My Top 5 Most Favorites To Watch

People say youtube is saturated, but honestly, all it really takes is finding the right channel that can cater to you and your interests. I’m mostly an active viewer of beauty channels, and currently have my go-to selection of beauty youtubers for anything makeup reviews and tutorials.

There are quite a ton of great channels out there, but these are just the few that I choose to sit hours upon hours watching without pausing.

If you haven’t heard of any of the Youtubers I’m about to mention, then feel free to check out their channels, because they are pretty amazing people to look to for beauty tips and tutorials as well as other categories to keep you hooked.

So with all that being said, these are my Top 5 best beauty youtubers that I’m currently loving.

Best beauty youtubers to watch

If you don’t know Christen Dominique, I seriously suggest going straight to her channel right now and subscribing. She is so gorgeous and very creative with her makeup. Plus, her channel has a lot of positivity and tips that I feel a lot of viewers could definitely benefit from.

Watching her grow from scratch has really been a journey, and her skills just keep getting better and better, as well as her quality of video. I also love how she tries to challenge herself to create looks that are typically common in other parts of the world.

She also isn’t someone to get too involved in drama, and she does keep her reviews and opinions pretty straight forward. Oh and before I forget to mention, she has her own makeup line, which she recently launched with an eyeshadow palette. Christen is definitely someone to watch when you’re craving tutorials, but need a peaceful encouraging atmosphere.

Best beauty youtubers to watch

Ann is queen when it comes to eyeshadows. But that’s not the only thing that I truly appreciate about her channel. Her voice is so calming and she tries to be as detailed as possible. If you’re looking for a channel to teach you how to apply eyeshadows perfectly, then I definitely suggest checking out Ann Knook.

She barely shows her full face in most of her videos, but you can certainly tell how beautiful her makeup looks without even seeing a full face. Recently she has been trying to incoporate more full face videos into her channel, so I’m definitely excited to see other techniques and tips she can provide the beauty community.

best beauty youtubers

Kathleen is like a breath of fresh air and definitely that one channel to watch on a Saturday morning in bed with a cup of tea. She has the most amazing halls and product recommendations that would make you want to splurge at Ulta.

I love that she does a combination of looks, using affordable as well as high end products, which makes one have options for spending. Plus, she is a very laid back person and you can truly tell how much she loves what she does.

She’s also very up to date with a ton of beauty products which is definitely helpful to someone who is trying to incorporate a variety of makeup brands. Also, she isn’t a coupon code/product pusher like a lot of beauty youtubers, so you won’t have to worry about seeing too much of that.

best beauty youtubers

I could watch Jaclyn talk for hours and hours without feeling bored which makes her one of my best beauty youtubers. Her energy is just so radiating that it literally always draws my attention. Plus, she does her makeup so flawlessly and effortlessly that would make one see makeup as not too much of a skill.

She also gives amazing tips for makeup, that I definitely use a ton when getting glam.

Jaclyn is so creative and always knows what is most likely to work well and what isn’t. She also gives great recommendations for products that do help out a lot in the makeup application process.

Last year, she came out with the ever so popular Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette, which literally blew my mind. The palette still remains my go to palette for pretty much any type of look I’m looking to create.

best beauty youtubers

I’ve always heard about Shayla, but never really checked out her channel. However, the minute I decided to give her a go, I was on the hunt for the subscribe button.

She is hands down one of my favorite black beauty youtubers, and is my go-to for makeup reviews. She picks a selection of colors and products that always end up working out very well for me, so I usually tend to trust her opinions. Plus, her makeup is always bomb.

She also isn’t too negative or brand bashing in most of her reviews, which I truly appreciate unlike so many other youtubers I see these days who are so quick to point out flaws and throw out negativity. She also isn’t one to praise certain brands over others because of the name attached to the creator, but rather keeps it real with her reviews and does a great job voicing what she likes and dislikes.

Brands aren’t perfect, and so it is best to choose a brand that can cater to your needs in terms of skin tone and quality of product and simply ignore the others who don’t. I do appreciate Shayla for not being too much of a call out youtuber which makes me enjoy her channel a lot more without seeing any drama coming along.

I also want to give a quick mention to Monicastyle Muse and xThuyle who are some other beauty youtubers I’ve been loving a lot lately as well. They didn’t make it to my Top 5, but I do love their personalities as a whole.

Who are some of your best beauty youtubers? Let me know in the comments..


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