Current best beauty products

Whenever I’m asked to talk about my best beauty products, I end up quite speechless because there’s just so many products out there that it feels almost impossible to choose sides.

However, Lately… I had to come to that decision of picking a side, simply by looking at the products I use on a regular basis. I mean.., since it’s used every time, it has to be considered a favorite right ?

So I was going through my makeup bag and realized that I actually do have a few holy grail products that I simply can’t live without. Some of it, I obtained recently,.. but for the most part, a lot of the other products have stuck with me for the longest.

best beauty products best beauty productsbest beauty productsbest beauty products

best beauty products

Here are a few of my current best beauty products favorites:

  1. Sasha Buttercup setting powder: For the longest time I was looking for a setting powder to go well with my warm undertone. Some of the products that I used back then appeared either too ashy, or made me breakout badly. This product however is like the complete opposite. I LOVE this product soo much, because it applies on so smoothly and barely gives me any flashbacks. It’s a yellow loose powder and would definitely be great if you have a warm undertone. Plus, I have a very oily skin and find that this powder really helps control my crazy pores especially when baking.
  2. Milani Amore matte lipstick: In terms of drugstore lipsticks, this is my favorite of them all. I have it in a bright red shade, and come on, who doesn’t love an amazing matte red lipstick? If you follow me on Instagram, that’s the red lipstick I’m always wearing (just in case you were wondering :D)
  3. kkwbeauty powder contour kit: If you already saw my previous post about this kit, then you probably know that I actually do love this product. The controversy around it made me a bit skeptical about it at first, but the more I got to use it, the more I fell in love with it. I love how it blends so easily,..and I find that it works very well with my skin tone. I usually have a hard time finding contour powders that work for me, but this actually suits me a lot better.
  4. Laura Geller Highlighter: I still use the highlighter in the kkwbeauty kit, but sometimes when I just need a bit of glow, this is the product I usually stick to the most. It is quite pigmented, and I love the fact that I’m able to gradually build the pigment to my desired glow.
  5. Anastasia Beverly Hills deep brow pomade: Ahh…I LOVE this so much. I basically use it to draw individual hairs on my brows, and it’s so smooth and long wearing. There’s no way this wasn’t going to be part of my current beauty favorites.
  6. colourpop yes-please eyeshadow palette: I don’t like the fact that the pan sizes are small, but the shades are so pigmented and creamy. It’s sad this products gets sold out really quickly, but if you want an affordable eyeshadow palette, then this is your best bet.
  7. BS-small makeup brushes: I purchased these brushes off amazon, and trust me,.. they are amazing and affordable. I particularly use the powder and foundation brush the most, and they pretty much get the job done like most high-end brushes.
  8. Garnier skinative micellar cleansing water: I use this with a cotton pad to basically take off my makeup. It leaves my skin so smooth and refreshed. After using this, I usually just do a quick rinse on my face and I’m literally good to go. It cleans out my pores just like a regular facial cleanser would. If you’re sick of makeup wipes, then this is your best bet.

There you have it, my current best beauty products!

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