First Try On: The Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara Review

So recently, benefit cosmetics released a new addition to their mascara collection, known as the benefit bad gal bang mascara. The whole beauty world was SHOOK!! because this brand claimed/claims that this new formula is intended to increase volume as well as curl and lengthen lashes.

Sounds like a big claim if you ask me, but hey.. anything is possible in 2018. I’ve used quite a ton of mascaras in the past, some of which did some of the claims that benefit cosmetics made about the bad gal bang mascara, however, the ones I tried usually never stayed on for a long period of time, which I always found frustrating. This claims to last up to 36 hours, so I’m definitely hoping for the best.

When I came across the bad gal bang mascara, one thing that drew my attention was the size of the wand. If you ever read my old blog, then you’d know that I am a huge lover of mascaras with very tiny wand sizes. Mascaras with tiny wands usually tend to lengthen lashes which is a huge plus for me, given that I have ridiculously short eyelashes. So the benefit bad gal bang mascara was definitely something I was hoping to try.

benefit bad gal bang mascara 2

Benefit cosmetics performed a study on this mascara, and from their website the result came out as follows;

  • 90%  noticed an increase in volume
  • 94% said it lifted lashes
  • 92% said it lengthened lashes.

Seeing this result definitely made me jump on the spending wagon and pick one of these bad boys up. I decided to play things safe by getting the mini size, which came to around $12, so in case things went south, it won’t break the bank too much.

Obviously, I won’t just buy makeup and not give you guys the real tea on it. So I’m going to be putting some pictures so you guys can decide on the performance of this mascara.

benefit bad gal bang mascara try on
with benefit bad gal bang mascara (left) VS without any mascara (right)

I decided to compare the wand as well as the wear to a couple of my other drugstore lengthening mascaras, and it performed quite similarly.

benefit bad gal bang mascara wand
wet n wild megalength mascara (left) VS bad gal bang mascara (right)

I do like a tad bit of a clump and volume when it comes to mascaras, especially on my bottom lashes, since its pretty much non existent. The bad girl bang mascara didn’t give me as much volume on my bottom lashes, but it added quite a bit of length to it. It does have a bit of a clump to it, which might be a no for some, but to me however, that doesn’t really bother me.

I do like how the mascara applies and how it dries down as well. It wasn’t frustrating picking up product from the tube as compared to a few of my other mascaras, so I would definitely agree that the formula isn’t too drying.


Final thoughts on the benefit bad gal bang mascara…

Thing is, I’m a falsies girl, so usually you would never catch me outside wearing just mascara with not false lashes on. Often times, I rather have no mascara at all, than have one on without false lashes.

I would add however that sometimes, I apply just mascara alone, but only if I’m trying to give a no-makeup makeup look. But in all honesty, that barely ever happens without falsies on.

I don’t necessarily like how the bad girl bang mascara applies on my bottom lashes (which is where I tend to focus on the most) but for my top lashes, it performs okay. It would be a nice mascara to have in my collection, however, I wouldn’t necessarily repurchase, as I could still get quite a few lower end quality mascaras to do a better job.


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