Beauty tips for beginners who love makeup

I became introduced to makeup back in middle school… and like most average female middle school kids, I was pretty naive in the makeup world. Back then, I would usually steal my mom’s foundation and setting powder without even thinking twice about color shades and undertones. And the worst part was, I would basically apply it with my hands *gasp*.

My mom has a lighter complexion than I do, so usually when I would go out in public, people would think I was trying to bleach my skin into a different race seeing as face was completely lighter than the rest of my body.

In my head, I thought I was pretty good at applying makeup, but to a lot of other people I completely sucked.

I was looking at my old middle school photos on Facebook the other day and literally had to delete more than half of them.

Some looked so hideous, I literally had to face palm myself so hard knowing how many people would have already come across such an ugly photograph of my poor makeup skills.

I sometimes wish I had someone back then to properly teach me about undertones and complexion ranges, but knowing that I obviously can’t go back in time, I thought of using my experience to provide some beauty tips to someone who is new into the makeup world.

beauty tips


  • Cheap is great, but quality is better

When I diverted from stealing my mom’s makeup, to buying products for myself, I always went straight for the cheaper options. I didn’t really care about the ingredients found in the cheap products until I had a major breakout and reaction to a few of the ingredients.

And Noo.., I’m not trying to say cheap is bad, as there are tons of drugstore brands that are pretty decent in terms of formula/ingredients, but when choosing a product that falls under the category of “affordable”, be sure that it contains ingredients that would work well with your skin type.

Personally, I look out for products that are long wearing, water proof, lightweight and have minimal creasing. I also try to stay away from products that give me flashbacks… And for those of you who have no idea what makeup flashback means, a short definition is…looking like a Ghost when someone takes a picture of you with a camera flash.

This usually happens if one applies products that contain silica and high levels of SPF commonly seen in translucent powders.., so just make sure to be on the lookout for products that contain such ingredients.

  • Don’t forget the neck and chest when picking foundations

I can’t even tell you how many times I fell victim of this mistake. Back then, I would apply my foundation to my face without considering that my neck is a completely different color shade as my face and chest. That made me look like 3 different races horribly moulded together.

When purchasing foundations, opt for shades that come close to the shade of your neck-chest region. I find this as the best way to properly even out skin tone.

  • Know your skin type

Before you even decide to dive into the makeup world, this is something you really have to know about yourself. The ingredients in makeup are created to suit certain types of skin and that’s where knowing your skin type comes in handy. If you’re on the oily to combination skin side, pick foundations that are oil free as well as concealers. Look for more matte finish types of products as such tend to suit oily skin types a lot better.

If you have a dry skin, you definitely want to stay far away from products that are more matte and stick to products that have more of a dewy finish. That way the product applies on flawlessly and stays on nicely without leaving you with an ashy look.

  • Prime and Set

I still know quite a ton of makeup professionals who skip the major step of using a primer. I was once the person who slapped on foundation without using a primer, so I’m definitely not here to judge anyone.

However, priming is very necessary before putting on makeup as it helps give your face a smoother base for makeup application. It also helps to seal up your pores especially if you opt for liquid foundations. This in turn makes your makeup stay on longer throughout the day.

Setting your makeup after application is also a great thing to do as this helps the makeup stay put and last long. Some products like the Mario Badescu rosewater spray (which is my fav) can be used as a primer and a setting spray, so if you don’t want to splurge on 2 separate products, that’s a great bang for your bucks.

  • Less makeup is more

You don’t have to look like the regular Instagram model with 20 layers of makeup in order to make your look standout, instead, try sticking to a more natural laid back look.

Less makeup appears more put together and professional as compared to packing on layers of makeup. So don’t worry about the fancy eyeshadows and winged liners, you would still look flawless (if applied correctly).

  • Invest in proper tools

A bad brush tool can make your makeup apply on flawed even if you’re the best makeup artist alive. There is just something about a great tool that makes the makeup application process a whole lot easier.

I am definitely not telling you to spend a huge sum of money on a Bobbi brown brush or any of those high end brands, but you can definitely find a fewer cheaper options that work just fine. I personally use the BS-mall brushes which I purchased off amazon for less than $10 and it works just great.

If you’re looking for some high end option, I recommend the sigma brushes, as I have quite a few of them and they work just as amazing.

  • You don’t need all that product

Like seriously, You don’t need the latest Anastasia Beverly hills palette, or the newest foundation from Makeup Forever. Don’t let beauty gurus talk you into purchasing tons of products because truth is, … you aren’t going to end up using most of them AND some of these products might end up not working for you.

Try and stick to using the same brand as most of their products are created to work well together. If you find something that works great for you, stick to it and don’t worry about looking for the most up to date version. Some limited editions aren’t necessarily any different from previous editions and sometimes these brands are only trying to make some money off of you. It would save you a lot of coins in the long run, trust me.

  • It doesn’t end with the makeup wipes

Yes, we love makeup wipes, because its quick and easy to just get rid of all that makeup, but does it really just end there? Turns out that, there is still a ton of product left on your skin even after cleaning with a wipe (don’t ask me why, talk to your dermatologist and see).

Try to take the extra step of washing your face after using a makeup wipe to completely remove any extra products that may have remained.

I personally have upgraded from using wipes to micellar waters as these not only help to take off my makeup, but cleanse my skin at the same time. Like I mentioned in my current best beauty products post, I’ve been a huge fan of the Garnier micellar water which just saves me the extra step of using facial cleansers. I basically just rinse my face after use and I’m off to bed.

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  • Don’t draw, FILL!

I had to include this as part of my beauty tips for the newbies who want the most flawless looking brows. Honestly, the secret to flawless brows is filling and not drawing. DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT draw on fake brows. They look completely unnatural and hideous. Instead, try filling in by drawing strokes of individual brow hairs using a brow wiz.

  • Red lips over any lips

If you don’t know what type of lip shade to wear to complement your look, your best bet would be a red lipstick. I talk about finding the perfect lip shade in a blog post, so go read that if you seem to be struggling finding a lip shade.

A red lip is known to complement any makeup look one chooses and the awesome part about it is.., you can be of any skintone with pretty much any undertone.

If you want a bit of extra, a subtle look with just a pop of color, or the most random looking type of appearance, then pop on a red lipstick and BAM! that changes EVERYTHING!

  • Don’t discard the Q-tips

Q-tips aren’t just for cleaning your ears, but can be a great tool for cleaning off any minor mistake made during makeup application. I literally discovered this tip from a friend of mine, and it has been a life saver. No need to waste makeup wipes when trying to clean off errors, instead just lightly wet a Q-tip and clean away!

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  • Blend it all together

For my last and final addition to the beauty tips,.. you have got to get your blending game on a high score to really get your makeup looking flawless. Sometimes, during the process of makeup application, the products applied may look out of place and scanty, but this is where your blending skills come in.

From foundations to eyeshadows to lips, every makeup application process requires some form of blending and if you’re able to get a hang of it soon enough, the process becomes a lot easier.

When blending products I recommend starting with a little bit of product to blend and adding on any extra coats if need be. Working your way up by starting with less product helps the blending process appear more natural and put together as compared to using more product at one go.

Blending out excess product completely ruins any look you’re going for and makes it more difficult to be precise in areas you want to concentrate the product, so be sure to start small.

At the end of the day, there really isn’t a makeup rule book, so just stick to whatever technique makes you look the most beautiful! I hope you guys end up trying out these beauty tips, let me know your favorites in the comment section below.

xo, Eleanor ♥

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