summer makeup look

My summer makeup look

Get your brushes and beauty blenders ready because today’s post is going to be a makeup tutorial.

I suck at makeup, but to everyone else my makeup seems to look flawless (I guess). I mean, with You-tubers like Patrick star and Jaclyn hill slaying the makeup application game, your average girl like me can’t even compete. My makeup application is pretty basic and easy. I focus more on trying to look good than following a makeup rule book that probably doesn’t even exist.

Everyone has different opinions on how to apply certain makeup products, but to me, as long as it looks good the way i’m applying it, that’s what I stick to. So without further ado… here is my first makeup tutorial introducing my summer makeup look.

I should probably make a video on this as it’s pretty easy to follow along with, but… whatever, here goes the blogging tutorial..

summer makeup look summer makeup look

First, I apply foundation

After moisturizing and priming, I basically just slap on my foundation with a regular foundation brush, then I use a beauty blender to properly blend and press the product into my skin.

Next, I conceal

I have faint dark spots on my cheeks, and usually cover those areas with a concealer that is basically my skin tone. I then put more concealer (a shade lighter than my skin tone) on my under eye, the bridge of my nose, chin and forehead to give that highlight effect. Lastly, I contour with a concealer 2 shades darker than my skin tone. I do the number “3” thing that Kim Kardashian basically does (and no I did not learn this technique from her) but its just something I’ve always done from watching other makeup artists.


I basically then set my under eye and just every where with a setting powder. I try to use less powder for my summer makeup look just so my face doesn’t start to look ashy and cause flashbacks.

Time to get the brow game on

To be honest, I usually do my brows first before applying any other makeup, but sometimes when in a hurry, it ends up being done right before my eye makeup. Well.. basically I just draw a natural looking brow and fill it in… easy peasy. In case of any mistakes, I conceal underneath my brows to correct any errors.

Now on to the eye makeup

I first apply an eye shadow primer and if I run out of one, I just use a concealer instead. My eye shadow game is all about being the best in blending. I blend blend blend until all the colors start to come together and form a theme (lol). In the beginning process I use a transition color that is usually light and close to the shade of my skin tone, then I move up to more deeply pigmented colors — changing the type of brushes I use in the process.

For my summer makeup look, I’m usually into the orangy-peachy warm toned colors. They tend to make my dark brown eyes pop, plus it goes really well with my undertone. Some days I apply false lashes depending on my mood, but if I don’t apply falsies, then I usually just put on mascara.

Lips and highlight

Once everything is done, I then move onto my lips. I’m a huge fan of red lipsticks and 90% of the time you are probably going to find me wearing one, but for this tutorial I decided to stick to a slightly pinky lip color. I first start out with a lip liner to line my lips, and then I fill it in with a lipstick. For some weird reason, I like to highlight my lips, so I do this by basically applying a lighter lipstick color onto the shade I’m already wearing.

I then use an actual highlighter around my Cupid’s bow and the bridge of my nose as the sun tends to reflect those areas a lot.

Set Set Set

To complete the look, I then set all the makeup with a setting spray and call it a day!

I would write another blog posts on the makeup products I personally use, so watch out for that in the near future. For now, you can follow along with my tutorial using the products you already have. Always remember, there’s no set rule to makeup… so do what makes you look beautiful.

summer makeup look

xo, Eleanor ♥

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