6 Instagram beauty trends that have seriously got to go

Beauty babes, pull your seat closer because we need to HAVE A SERIOUS TALK! Today’s post is going to be a mini rant/advice/talk about Instagram beauty trends that have been driving me crazzzzzeeee…

We all know that Instagram is like the number one social media to keep up with all the latest beauty trends and such, but lets be honest, there are some trends we see on there that just NEED TO GO!! I’m talking burn, destroy, INCINERATEEEEE…!!!!


So if you’re a bit confused with what I’m talking about when I say “Instagram beauty trends that have got to gooo”, no need to feel too left out of the beauty world, but just do me a favor and check out your current Instagram beauty feed, and maybe it would start to make a little bit of sense…and HOPEFULLY.. we can see eye to eye on some of these things.

So without any further talk, let’s just take a look at the few of the Instagram beauty trends that have GAT TO GOOO!!!


1.) Wavy Brows

If it’s halloween, I 100% don’t care whatever you decide to do with your brows. You can powder it, wax it, paint it, whatever you want.. BUTT.. when its a normal time of the year, when no event is going on, and something as hideous as this pops up as a beauty trend, then we are going to have issues Honey!!

giphy - 6 Instagram beauty trends that have seriously got to go

I’ve been seeing different versions of this all over my Instagram beauty trend feed, and all I have to do is face palm myself so hard each time another “beauty guru” decides to do a video tutorial on it. Like.. stop, stop, stop it!!! It is not cute and it certainly isn’t something you should even think of stepping out of your house with. GET IT TOGETHER and put an END to this! okay? good!

2.) Long Nails 

long nails beauty tends that have got to go

I don’t know if people these days are trying to end up on the Guinness book of world records for having long nails, but come on… does it really have to be THAT LONG?? Like how do you even type or text with that?? Someone please let me know in the comments how that is even possible.

I’ve been seeing all sorts of long acrylic nails and it just amazes me how people can just walk into a nail store and decide to leave with such. Don’t get me wrong.. there are some long nails that are actually very pretty, but it all really comes down to the length. Anything past 1 cm from the nail free edge is a big no no.

Keep it short, classy and simple. You would save yourself a lot from the stress of texting with long nails, and even possibly hurting yourself if you happen to hit any object with it.

3.) Over Highlighting 

Nothing wrong with a little bit of glow once in a while, but when your face starts to look like a flashlight each time you put makeup on, that’s definitely an issue. Highlighters were definitely created to enhance areas where the sun naturally hits your face, but when people start to use it for more than its actual purpose, things start to go a bit sideways.

Can we just tone it down a little bit?? pretty pleaseee??

I did come across a bunch of full face make up videos using highlighters on youtube recently, and although I thought it was a great way to incorporate such creative ideas in a video, I became extremely worried the moment I started noticing some people in REAL life take this trend as an everyday makeup look/routine.

beauty trends that have got to go

4.) Over contouring

I mean, did you really think I would talk about Over-highlighting without taking about contouring? They both go hand in hand sweetie. Contouring is the new plastic surgery in case you didn’t know. Wide noses have become slim, double chins have become single and the worst of it all, small boobs have become bigger.

I think contouring is a great way to cover up a bit of flaws that one may have (although I strongly believe everyone should embrace their natural beauty), however, when it becomes too much to a point where its almost obvious and not blended properly, then it becomes a makeup shit-uation.

5.) Blending makeup with any object

beauty trends that have got to go

I saw a girl blend her makeup on Instagram with Christian Louboutin shoes…LOUBOUTIN SHOES!! (and yes I’m actually yelling, so excuse the exclamation marks). THAT drove me NUTSS!!

I didn’t even care about the fact that she decided to rip apart her shoes, which was basically how the video started.. what actually bothered me was the fact that she decided to use it to blend makeup. Talk about “seeking for attention” much..

Like seriously, don’t embarrass yourself online creating silly trends that absolutely make no sense. It would get you the views, but it would also make people think you’re cray cray. So STAP it!

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6.) Lipsticks that don’t match

beauty trends that have got to go

It’s nice to try out different colors of lipsticks once in a while, but be careful. If it doesn’t match your undertones or your overall look, just ditch it. It’s okay to try dramatic looks with different colors once in a while depending on the occasion, but if it becomes an everyday look, then you better worry about how others might actually perceive you in the real world.

I have a post HERE that basically teaches you how to choose the perfect lip shade for my struggle girls and boys out there, so there ya go, thank me later!

I always say this, If no color is working out well, throw on a red lip. Red lips work well for all types of skin tones and undertones, so you definitely can’t go wrong on that one.

Also, I believe over-lining lips should be a thing of the past by now since everyone supposedly gets lip injection these days. Apparently some people haven’t still given up on that trend.. I see ya’ll.

Anyways, I’m hoping to see a change in the new year with some of these hideous trends. Let me know in the comments some Instagram beauty trends you feel need to go.

Till next time. xo, Eleanor.

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