Don’t Let Anyone Kill Your Fire And Hunger For God

My first month of getting saved was pretty extraordinary. I didn’t get saved like most people who heard the gospel from an anointed preacher and gave their lives to Jesus. Because mine was pretty supernatural and scary. I was all alone in my apartment going through the worst period of my life when Jesus showed up and saved me.

It was a life-changing moment for me and for the first time, I felt accepted. Not by mere humans, but by the creator of the universe Himself.

I then got a fire and hunger for Jesus that I’ve never received before. The word of God became food to me and I devoured it each moment I got the opportunity to.

Let no one kill your fire

I started spending so much time in the presence of Jesus, that my love for Him grew tremendously. It was so strong to the point that I would literally lock myself indoors dwelling in His presence and listening to His voice. In fact, one time, I fell so in love with Him that I missed paying my bill for the month because I was completely lost in His presence.

I was so hungry and thirsty. The fire and love in me was too strong that I couldn’t go a second without talking to Him.

In addition, He began to grow me spiritually… and within 3 months of getting saved, I saw healings happen, prophetic words released over people and a tremendously increase in my hearing and seeing ability.

It was all a joyous period and I never wanted to lose those precious moments with my Daddy. Until the enemy of my soul showed up…

He used authority figures to snuff out my voice and threw all sorts of fiery trials my way to make me question if it was all real and if I am truly loved by my Daddy. And because of that, each day became a struggle to light up my fire.

Each time I prayed, it felt like my voice was being snuffed out by my shaken faith. And because of the wounds he inflicted, I was thrown into a pit of torment and misery.

Daddy was still there amidst it all, quietly waiting and longing for my return. But because I paid more attention to the voices of discouragement than His voice of encouragement, I gave into my sinful nature and ran away from His call.

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Don’t Kill Your Fire 

If you’re reading this and my story sounds similar to something you’ve experienced or are experiencing, I want you to know that Jesus loves you so much.

Maybe at some point in your journey, He began to grow you spiritually but because you didn’t understand what was happening to you, the enemy used someone to shut you down. Listen! Go back to that place of deep intimacy and keep allowing Him to grow you.

If you are a young prophet and God has confirmed it to you, Jezebel would likely try to attack you. And it’s important you watch closely and ask the Lord for discernment. Make sure that you surrender to God any wounds this spirit might try to inflict so that you don’t give it a door into your life.

If you have a hunger for God, don’t let the voices of people quench your hunger. Keep seeking the Heart of Jesus and allow Him to fill you up.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” – Matthew 5:6

The enemy would try and shut you down by sending people with attacks in order to throw you off your intimacy with Jesus. It’s important you don’t give in. People might mock you and call you all sorts of names to make you question if you should continue this journey with Jesus. Don’t give in.

Most times, these people are just vessels the enemy is influencing to get your attention. Cut the cords and focus on Jesus. Allow them to talk, judge and criticize… but don’t give in to their opinions. Keep doing what Jesus has placed in your heart because many souls are waiting on you to step into your purpose. We are all depending on you. I am depending on you. And I don’t want you to miss that by quenching the fire that has been placed in your belly.

I love you so much and Jesus loves you too.

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